Sex drive or libido is a natural feeling that adults experience. There are times however when libido wanes and it becomes difficult to engage in intimate relations with your partner. It is distressing for both partners but there are some effective naturopathic solutions that you can incorporate to promote a more consistent sex drive.

1. Poor Nutrition

Garbage in, garbage out. With better nutrition and digestion, the right nutrients get to the right places to make the body function better, this includes your sex drive. For instance, a clinical study with women with low sexual desire was published in the Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy. It found that giving a nutritional supplement significantly increased sexual desire, satisfaction with sexual relationship and improved vaginal dryness.

2. Low Hormone Levels

When hormone levels start to drop, it is common that sexual desire drops as well. Testosterone and estrogen helps men and women to maintain an interest in sex. Signs of low testosterone include moodiness, loss of sex drive, reduced muscle strength, erectile dysfunction and lower energy. Signs of low estrogen include reduced sexual desire, fatigue, low mood, hot flashes, dry skin and vaginal tissue.

3. Timing

Have you heard of scheduling conflicts? Often, this can happen within the home and with your significant other. It’s difficult to have passion and meaningful encounters when there isn’t the time to do it. Make time for intimacy. Start with a frank and open conversation with your partner to find times in your week that can fit.

4. Lack of Communication

Sometimes, despite even living together, it can be difficult to effectively communicate your desires to your partner and vice versa. Communication is the foundation of resolving outstanding issues. For the issue of sex drive, there may be specific reasons you or your partner are not interested… talk about it and you may both just be able to come to the solution.

5. Erectile Dysfunction

It is estimated that about 40% of 40-year old men experience a mild, moderate, or significant level of erectile dysfunction and approximately 70% of men over 70 years of age. It may be a hormonal issue, a nutritional issue, a vascular/circulatory issue, diabetes, etc. Speak with your primary health practitioner to help solve the cause of

Erectile dysfunction. From a naturopathic perspective, there are many nutrients and herbal extracts that can help.

6. Low Energy

If you are tired, it is understandable that you do not want to exert yourself in sexual intercourse; it would seem like a burden and draining. A common cause of low energy is poor sleep. Try to improve your sleep quality or duration and you may find your libido increases. Another solution is to choose to have sex in the morning, generally when your energy is better and you have had a restful sleep. Plan ahead and do something relaxing before bed (eg: lavender bath, light massage to your partner, a foot bath) and go to bed earlier.

7. Pain

Pain is a sure-fire reason to avoid physical activities including sex. Alternate sexual positioning may help, or better pain control. A combination of supplements can help reduce pain including omega-3 fats, turmeric extracts, bromelain, boswellia extract, California poppy, etc. Women more commonly can experience ‘pelvic pain’ due to many reasons: abuse, endometriosis, tight muscles, tendonitis, scar tissue, etc. Get a pelvic examination and treatment to help if you have this type of pain which often leads to painful intercourse.

8. Inadequate Exercise

Your body must circulate regularly to condition your muscles and all the other tissues of the body. Without regular exercise, your various tissues can weaken and you often end up with poor stamina overall. If you are ready for it, commit to a regular exercise routine. Often, within weeks you will feel more positive, energetic and have enough stamina to enjoy your sexual relationship better.

9. Mood

If you are anxious, depressed, or in an upset mood, that is a clear damper on having intercourse. Get the help you need to promote a more positive mood. Simple ways to start are to improve your nutrition: a good multivitamin, eating regularly, having fruits and vegetables daily, omega-3 fats, et cetera can help promote a more positive mood.  Speak to your naturopath or physician for other solutions.

10. Stress

Stress affects everything, including your sex drive. Try to balance your stresses with calming exercises such as deep breathing or meditation. Try this simple technique: while keeping your eyes closed, imagine a beautiful calming scene in your mind while you take calm slow breaths. Do this for five minutes and compare how you felt before and after. Repeat twice a day and soon you will have a good stress-relieving habit that will help other aspects of your life including your sex drive. Other stress relievers include progressive muscle relaxation, listening to relaxing music, listening to guided imagery and good old fashioned physical exercise. Herbs and nutrients can also help including ashwagandha, holy basil, magnesium, etc.

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