According to the World Health Organization, there is a men’s health gap and men must be included in the global health equity agenda. One explanation for the gap is a health paradigm related to the fact men are less likely to see a health professional or report on symptoms of disease or illness. This issue has been confirmed in a number of studies where it has been shown that men use primary care services less frequently than women. This is just one reason why women out live men. According to a 2019 article in The Lancet, Raising the Profile of Men’s Health, only four countries (Ireland, Brazil, Iran, and Australia) have national health policies or strategies that specifically address men.

Bell Lifestyle Products is unveiling their mascot, “the guy” at the 2020 CHFA West health show this weekend. ““the guy” represents all the men who should be taking better care of themselves but have let things slip. I think the word denial is a good descriptor” says Doug Carey, marketing director for Bell. “We want to have open and honest discussions about men’s health issues so men are more comfortable talking about their health and taking action to improve their health”. Recently, the Raw Mike Richards show on Mississagua’s Sauga 960am radio, hosted a frank discussion on prostate health. It was an opportunity to bring the issue into the light and educate the predominantly male audience on the importance of looking after your prostate and dealing with prostate symptoms. “I think we want to see more high profile figures get involved in talking about men’s health issues. I think there is real value for the audience and applaud other initiatives like the Movember movement to educate.” said Carey.

Bell Lifestyle Products will be unveiling “the guy” at the 2020 Canadian Health Food CHFA West show in Vancouver, February 22nd.

Not everyone is a picture of good health….yet

My name is not important. You can call me what you like. When I was younger I was the cool guy, the athlete, the nerd, all of it. My experiences made me the great person I am today. I’m proud of who I was and who I have become. When you get older, the self-portrait of who you are doesn’t change as fast as your body. I still see myself as the guy that can swim across the lake or skate on a breakaway to score the winning goal. While inside I’m still that guy, outside I’ve picked up a little wear and tear. Denial, sure, we all do it. We’re men. I do get out of breath running, I curse getting out of bed in the morning with my aching joints. Yes, I do need glasses. Yes, my cholesterol and blood pressure are too high. No, my prostate is not my best friend. And what I remember of my hair is just a memory. I like who I am. I’m just in need of a little help keeping up with my own self-image. Bell Lifestyle Products can help provide natural relief and solutions for the aging me. I feel better, perform better, and my health professional is happier that I’m taking better care of myself. Empowered by Nature®, I can keep doing my thing and feel good doing it. – Thanks Bell Lifestyle Products

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