Bell Lifestyle Products announced today the release of their new Immune Support product for the Canadian market. This product joins a comprehensive family of immune products that includes Supreme Immune Booster, Cold & Flu Immune Support, Virux, Zinc and Shark Liver Oil.

The new Immune Support contains Quercetin, Vitamin C, and Zinc Citrate. “We wanted to create a well-rounded immune product that can be used to support immune function both before getting an infection as well as during” said Doug Carey, Marketing Director. “Quercetin, Vitamin C, and Zinc are go-to ingredients during the virus season when Colds and Flu are prevalent” said Tim Allen, General Manager of Bell Lifestyle Products. “Having all these ingredients in one product just makes sense”. “Bell Lifestyle Products recognizes the stress we’ve all been under during these troubled times. We wanted to ensure we were providing immune products that can contribute to better health and provide the type of products our customers want to see.” said Doug Carey.

The new Immune Support product will be available directly online at, and at natural health retailers across Canada.

Bell Lifestyle Products was founded by Nick Jerch in 1996, over 25 years ago and has since helped thousands of men and women. For Nick, his vision to contribute to society and serve a cause greater than himself is realized every day as more and more people turn to Bell Lifestyle Products.

Empowered by Nature®

Our principles and values of natural purity, customer satisfaction, honesty, and quality continue to be the core make up of Bell Lifestyle Products. As our signature states, our nutritional supplements are “empowered by nature”. In other words, Bell Lifestyle Products was founded and continues to believe that using the wonders of nature is best. We are committed to providing only the best natural ingredients for our products to empower the health and lives of people around the world.

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