Given the right love and support, our hair can be like a crowning glory around us! When it’s silky, bouncy and healthy we feel radiant and amazing! Conversely when it’s limp, dry or we have scalp issues or discomfort; it can be tough to feel our best.

I love treating my hair from the inside out with a few key supplements and foods, and giving it shine and body with at-home natural treatments. Since the scalp absorbs substances, I like to keep it chemical free and full of nutrients!

A diet full of fruits and veggies is key to my overall health, and I’ve noticed my hair reflects this. I start each day with a glass of lemon water and take some bentonite clay or charcoal – detoxing a little each day is important to me in today’s world.

Here are some of my tips for common hair concerns.

Thinning Hair

Though this can sometimes be hormonal, and it’s important to check thyroid and adrenal levels for deeper treatment, minor hair thinning can usually be corrected quite easily.

Biotin: This vitamin makes hair grow in thick! I notice a big difference at my hairline when I’m taking this regularly.

Silica: Otherwise known as Horsetail, it’s name denotes it’s strengthening and lengthening properties.

Marine Collagen: An essential anti-aging nutrient that depletes naturally with age; this one seems to make my hair, nails and eyelashes grow long and strong. (Plus it’s great for skin elasticity.)

Seaweed: We need the iodine from this nutrient dense food to keep our metabolism and thyroid healthy; which contributes to thick hair! Do some research and ask your practitioner before starting iodine or seaweed supplements as some people are hyperthyroidic and can’t tolerate it. Most people benefit greatly from iodine’s nourishment though!

Good Fats: Make sure you’re eating lots of avocados, olive oil, virgin coconut oil and raw nuts and seeds. We need good fats for our tissues, brain, hair and nails to be healthy. Plus good fats actually satiate hunger so they’re essential in any healthy diet.

Gray Hair

Though traditionally thought of as a symptom of aging, sometimes it can denote a deficiency in the body. Be sure you’re taking all your vitamins, eating lots of fruits and veggies, getting enough sleep and reducing or eliminating refined sugar, alcohol, cigarettes and white flour.

He Shou Wu: This Traditional Chinese Medicine Supplement is said to replenish the body’s systems and is reputed to turn gray hair back to colored within a couple of months of use. I take it fairly regularly and have found the one or two gray hairs I started to get have disappeared and never returned!

External Hair Treatments

Limp, Lifeless Hair

Usually caused by product buildup, my favorite at home remedy is to rinse the hair with a baking soda solution. Simply mix two (2) tablespoons of baking soda in a cup of water, rinse through the hair and then rinse out and condition as usual. Hair comes out shiny, and full of body.

Dandruff and Itchy Scalp

Apple Cider Vinegar works wonders! Pour full strength on the scalp in the shower, let sit for a few minutes then rinse out and shampoo and condition as usual. It makes the hair soft and shiny too!

Some Yummy and Effective Hair Masks

Moisturizing Mask for Dry Hair

I love this Avocado Mask!

Crush up one (1) ripe avocado, two (2) tablespoons raw honey and slather all over clean hair. Leave in for 15 to 30 minutes, (wrapped in plastic if desired) then rinse. Hair is left silky and amazing, especially if you’ve done the baking soda rinse prior to the mask.

Smoothing Mask for Frizzy Hair

Another one that’s good enough to eat!

Mash one (1) banana, two (2) tablespoons plain yoghurt, two (2) tablespoons of raw honey. Slather through hair, wrap in plastic and leave on for 30 minutes. Rinse and enjoy!


About the Author

Sitara Hewitt is an actress, mother, yogi, meditation coach and energy healer. With over 15 years of wellness and meditation coaching. Sitara is a self professed "guinea pig" and loves to try out all the current and ancient health trends in order to inform, educate and support her community. Living with the belief that everyone's wellness journey is unique to them, Sitara endevours to take the confusion and overwhelm out of wellness and make it fun, practical and effective.