In the last 10 years I have de-aged – seriously! At 40 I look way better than at 30. I have less fine lines, my pores have shrunk, my skin is plumper and it genuinely glows! Here is how I did it.

I always say, you can’t take an apple that isn’t getting sunlight, water, and is wrinkling and aging…and put some 150$ cream on it and expect it to look radiant. You have to make the apple healthy by nourishing its growth from within!

We are like those apples but more complex. We need to live in a healthy way, with enough sleep, exercise, water, without burdening our systems with toxic foods and drinks, staying relaxed and not activating stress hormones constantly. And by supporting our wellbeing with supplements that help us to detoxify and heal from within.

Sleep: Sleep is important because it’s when our bodies heal and rebalance. Beyond just fixing dark circles under our eyes…we literally go through multiple healing processes during the sleep cycle which clean our livers and kidneys and boost immunity and heal digestion. When our organs are healed and rebalanced…it shows in our skin! *Tip: Go to bed with an empty stomach rather than snacking before bed so that your body can work on healing your organs rather than sluggishly digesting food while you sleep.

Exercise: Beyond being great for our confidence and helping us sleep deeper at night, exercise gets our blood oxygenated which is what helps our skin glow. It also helps us move out stress hormones and activate oxytocin and positive feeling hormones that uplift our mood and help us feel more positive and beautiful.

Water: This is so key!! We need tons of pure, clean water. Hydrated skin glows. And water washes away toxins. When I wake up in the morning I drink 2 full glasses of water before I do anything. Try drinking 8-9 glasses of water a day for 3 days. You’ll eat less junk, your skin will be clearer and breath will be sweeter! *Tip: add lemon for extra detox and alkalizing.

Positive Mindset: Stress ages us. Stress hormones like cortisol burden our organs so that our bodies focus more on trying to rebalance from them rather than healing and boosting our immune systems and skin health. Stress runs us ragged. While life can be stressful at times, it’s vital to choose our battles. And react differently to triggers when we can. Take a deep breath. Go for a walk. Look around for what you’re grateful for rather than look for things to worry about. Get off your phone and constant scrolling and laugh with your kids or just enjoy a cup of tea. Tip: practice a few minutes mindfulness or meditation even following some classical music or a guided meditation.

Supplements: I look everywhere for high quality supplements that will give me the most impact. I have a sensitive, discerning system so it takes a lot to impress me! I am loving Bell Lifestyles Stem Cell Formula and Clear Skin Formulas. They are filled with nourishing herbs and I feel boost the collagen and healing capabilities quickly. They have clean, organic, ingredients and lots of unique elements that I can’t find anywhere else. I magnify my glow with Bell.

Take good care of yourself, make choices each day that nourish and support your wellbeing, love yourself….and your skin will mirror that radiance.

Sitara Hewitt

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