These ones are going to be applicable and easy to follow. It’s no secret that we are experiencing one of the more stressful times globally, that most of us have known. So remember: you’re not alone. Almost everyone on earth is being touched by current events and struggling in some area. And at the same time, it’s important we stay resilient so we can enjoy the blessings we do have, keep our immune systems strong and vibrant, and be there for our loved ones.

So what can you do to feel better today?

1. Prioritize Daily Movement:  

Just like water that doesn’t flow becomes stagnant… we too need regular, daily movement. If you don’t enjoy at home workouts or stretching, a 45 min to an hour brisk walk outside can be transformational. Leave your phone on airplane mode, walk somewhere you can see a bit of nature and allow yourself to breathe deeply as you walk and look around you. Walking is seen as a form of meditation and you’ll find that by getting your blood circulating and oxygenated, you’ll disperse stress hormones and release feel good hormones like serotonin and oxytocin. Also, when you move you tire out the body so you’ll sleep more deeply at night. I also like to add in additional walks to my errands at the store, with the steps and work up a better appetite for dinner too!

2. Sleep Deeply:  

Sleep is medicine. So what can you do to slumber more peacefully and easily? Turn off the tv and phone about an hour before bed. Instead, make a cup of hot chamomile tea with honey, or take a nice bath. Read a favorite book. If you find a racing mind and worries keep you up, make a habit of journaling before bed. Keep a nice journal on your bedside table and discipline yourself to write a page. It doesn’t have to be significant… just whatever is on your mind. Studies show that getting your thoughts out of your head and onto paper reduce them running around in your mind and keeping you up. You can also write 10 things your grateful for, or positive affirmations about your life, or a to do list so you can look at it tomorrow and knock it all out. I like to add in a sleep supplement for deeper, more healing rest, so I go with Bell Lifestyle’s Good Night’s Sleep formula. It’s well rounded and doesn’t leave me drowsy in the morning.

3. Be Kind:

Often when we’re struggling we get stuck in our own heads, which can cause us to downward spiral and lose more energy. When we look around and realize there may be someone who needs support also and we reach out, it has a magical dual effect. We uplift another and we feel useful and appreciated. I like to bring a meal to an elderly neighbor of mine, she just appreciates it so much and we have a little chat on her porch. Often that’s the only interaction she gets with other people and you can tell it lights her up. Offering to pick up groceries for someone, chatting to passersby on the street, or just calling a friend or family member to let them know you’re thinking of them can change everyone’s mood for the better. Go easy on family members and friends during arguments or differences in perspectives… everyone is doing the best they can and it’s often better to just take a beat and be peaceful rather than fight.  Kindness is a powerful cure!

4. Get Creative:

We need to channel energy into something positive and empowering. You don’t have to be a craftsman to be creative: my favorite way to channel my energy positively is to cook a new meal! Cooking for ourselves keeps us physically healthy and signals to ourselves and our family a sense of love and support. Other things you could try are learning to knit, working with essential oils (bonus aromatherapy for stress relief), board games with the family or drawing in a mandala coloring book.

5. Be Mindful:

Often people think being mindful means meditating every day. And yes, while 10 – 30 minutes of listening to a guided meditation or soothing music can greatly aid the mind in being strong and clear… mindfulness is more like a way of living. It means choosing our words and thoughts… rather than waking up and saying ‘Ugh, another day of this’… we can practice saying ‘I’m grateful to be alive and I’m going to create a great day!’. I find that writing some positive affirmations where I can see them helps me kind my mind on track for positivity. I write things like: I’m grateful for my son. I am loved and loving. I am resilient. I am a force of good. I believe that life is working out for me. I am protected and safe.  

If you feel really down it’s important to talk to a therapist, healer or life coach, to detoxify some of the heavier emotions. Don’t be afraid to cry… it’s a powerful release and like a landscape after a rainstorm, you may feel clear and light afterwards! Then once you’ve released some more challenging emotions, get your mind back in a state of gratitude and positivity. Turn away from a lot of fear based media or fiction and be mindful about consuming healthy content like pod casts, funny movies and peaceful shows. Same thing with eating: consume that which will keep your body alkaline and healthy, more fruits, veggies, pure water and whole foods. If you’re healthy it’s easier to feel good! I like to add in Bell’s Calming Stress Relief to help me feel chill, but focused.

Most of all, hang in there. You’ve got this… we all do! Life will get easy and open one day soon and we will appreciate it so much more than we ever did before. Sending you a big virtual hug.


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