Bell Lifestyle Products announced today the release of two new condition-based teas to their Ezee Tea™ line up. The teas include Ezee Breathing Tea™ and Ezee Recovery Tea™ .

Ezee Breathing Tea™ is an all natural herbal blend formulated to help promote mucus drainage from lungs and sinuses. The Ezee Recover Tea™ is an adaptogen tea featuring reishi mushroom designed to help you recover from mental and physical stress.

“Bell Lifestyle Products has been a leader in condition-based teas since the introduction of our Ezee Flow prostate tea many years ago” said Doug Carey, Marketing Director. “We saw an opportunity to expand the portfolio and deliver these great new products in a format many of our customers love – tea”. “Tea is one of the most popular beverages in the North America and continues to grow” said Andrew Siqueira, the new General Manager for Bell. “With several other Bell teas already widely used by our customers, we wanted effective respiratory and stress products in an easy to drink format.”

The new teas will be available soon at Natural Health stores across Canada and online at

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