Many of us seek to improve our outer appearance through dress, fragrance, hairstyle and whatever other fashion may dictate, for all good reasons of course. Freedom of expression, projection, confidence, comfort and pleasure to name a few. Between the folds of each successful outward projection is an underlying confidence that serves the real you, the true mission of the soul. These outward attempts are an effort to align our intentions with the reality of our personal trajectory in life. However, there is an easier and infinitely more effective way. True radiance is a real and palpable human quality that comes from within. It can be attained and it can be refined to serve your life and attract all you need to live in grace and abundance.

A lifestyle cultivated through the intelligent use of Kundalini Yoga and Herbal Medicine offers us a wide spectrum of powerful vibratory support to awaken the natural inner magnetism, the true source of attraction.

Radiance Herbs

One of the greatest detractors of human radiance is undigested anger, which manifests as inflammation in the body. This causes a disturbance of the normal functioning of the liver, which disrupts our ease in life. Look no further than the medicine of Turmeric to create the foundation of balance and harmony from which true radiance manifests.

Our most trusted and steady stallion, Ashwagandha, can carry us through any day by nourishing our deepest wellspring of strength and stamina. This reliable ally improves the response of the adrenals and consistently builds emotional determination reflected in the stature of the physical body.

Our beloved Tulsi is considered the mother medicine of India. Her essence is like a warm hug that can preserve and enrich your health from birth to death. Her medicinal nature warms the mind and moves the heaviness of the heart and lungs.

The flowering reality of everything bright, uplifting and solar, St. John’s Wort, lines your nerves with the vitality of the sun. Nature’s truest anti-depressant, this herb delivers your emotional body from all darkness and elevates your mood.

The queen sage of the forest, Reishi mushroom, contributes to radiance by fortifying the mind and body as it promotes longevity, deep inner wisdom and happiness. Nicknamed “the herb of immortality,” the darshan of this mushroom supports all body systems by bringing you into the present moment.

Full of vibrant nutrients, Stinging Nettles is like a polished suit of armor that is worn on the inner and outer tissues of body equally. The vast array of nutritional support one gains from this dark green herb can be quickly seen in the luster of the hair and nails and the glow of purpose in the eyes.

Radiant Meditation

This simple and effective meditation is a direct and powerful way to align and amplify our radiance from the INSIDE. Through rhythmic vibration of sacred sound current we have direct access to the source of our magnetic frequency, the very stuff of our power and attraction in this universe. By harmonizing our personal magnetic psyche to the psyche of the infinite unfolding creative abundance (God, the universe, source, whatever) we attune ourselves to all the things we need to serve our mission on this planet. Tomorrow will come, you will wake up, the thoughts and projections of the day will begin and you will begin with them. Before you dress yourself for the day, begin by adorning yourself with this crown of victory, this rhythm of excellence and see how the day can serve you!

Guru Gobind Singh Shakti Mantra Meditation

Sit in a comfortable seated posture with a straight spine. Bring the palms together at heart center and tune in with the Kundalini invocation, “Ong Namo, Guru Dev Namo” three times. Relax the hands by curling the tip of index finger into the tip of the thumb and keep the rest of the fingers straight. This hand posture, called gyan mudra, will rest on your knees. Close your eyes, go deep within and concentrate on the third eye point.

Now, with the full expression of your voice, begin to chant two complete cycles of this mantra within each single breath.

Waa-hay Gu-ru | Waa-hay Gu-ru
Waa-hay Waa-hay | Waa-hay Gu-ru

To fully unlock the potential of this sound current, ensure that the ‘r’ in guru is rolled like a ‘d’ instead of the American ‘r’.
Continue for 11-31 minutes.
To end, inhale and focus the energy to the crown of the head. Exhale and relax.

Close this sacred space with three repetitions of “Sat Naam.”

* These statements are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

About the Author

Jap Prem Singh and Siri Baldeep Kaur are guided by the sacred medicine of plants, their devotion to yogic living and the vibrancy of love. As Kundalini Yoga teachers and Herbalists, they infuse the ceremony of healing with the rich essence of expanded consciousness and believe that life experience is our greatest teacher.

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