Try this easy to make corn on the cob recipe at home as part of a delicious summer dinner. Enjoy!


• 5 ears Corn, husks removed
• 1/2 cup Low-Fat Mayonnaise
• 1 cup Parmesan Cheese
• 1 tbsp Chili Powder
• 1 tsp Ground Black Pepper
• 2 tbsp Fresh Parsley, chopped, optional

Preparation Instructions:

1). Preheat oven to 400°F.

2). In a bowl, combine and mix mayonnaise, Parmesan cheese, chili powder, black pepper and parsley until it forms a paste.

3). Spread approximately two (2) tablespoons of paste on each ear of corn and wrap individually in aluminum foil.

4). Bake for 20 minutes, turning after 10 minutes.

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